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No 42/2000: The impact of individual and aggregate unemployment on fertility in Norway
O. Kravdal

No 41/2000: Private health care as a supplement to a public health system with waiting time for treatment
M. Hoel and E.M. Soether

No 40/2000: Health insurance : treatment vs. compensation
G.B. Asheim, A.W. Emblem and T. Nilssen

No 39/2000: Cream skimming, dregs skimming, and pooling : on the dynamics of competitive screening
D. Lund and T. Nilssen

No 38/2000: Lexicographic probabilities and rationalizability in extensive games
G.B. Asheim and A. Perea

No 37/2000: The malleability of undiscounted utilitarianism as a criterion of intergenerational justice
G.B. Asheim and W. Buchholz

No 36/2000: A turning point in the development of Norwegian economics : the establishment of the University Institute of Economics in 1932
O. Bjerkholt

No 35/2000: Tax distortions, household production and black-market work
J. Strand

No 34/2000: CO2 mitigation costs and ancillary benefits in the Nordic countries, the UK and Ireland : a survey
S. Kverndokk and E. Rosendahl

No 33/2000: Competitive effort and employment determination with team production
J. Strand

No 32/2000: Progress from forecast failure : the Norwegian consumption function
O. Eitrheim, E.S. Jansen and R. Nymoen

No 31/2000: Genetic testing when there is a mix of public and private health insurance
M. Hoel and T. Iversen

No 30/2000: Customer trading and information in foreign exchange markets
H. Bjonnes and D. Rime

No 29/2000: FX trading ... LIVE! : dealer behavior and trading systems in foreign exchange markets
H. Bjonnes and D. Rime

No 28/2000: Educational homogamy in Norway : trends and patterns
G.E. Birkelund and J. Heldal

No 27/2000: Predator or prey? : parasitic enterprises in economic development
H. Mehlum, K. Moene and R. Torvik

No 25/2000: Deriving belief operators from preferences
G.B. Asheim

No 24/2000: On the origins of data envelopment analysis
F.R. Forsund and N. Sarafoglou

No 23/2000: A note on the Weibull distribution and time ag gregation bias
K. Roed and T. Zhang

No 21/2000: Imperfect loss offset and the after-tax expected rate of return to equity, with an application to rent taxation
D. Lund

No 20/2000: Identification of structural duration dependence and unobserved heterogeneity with time-varying
C. Brinch

No 19/2000: Have the relative employment prospects for the low-skilled deteriorated after all?
K. Roed and M. Nordberg

No 18/2000: Environmental regulation under asymmetric information with type-dependent outside option
J. Vislie

No 17/2000: Strategic informative advertising in a TV-advertising duopoly
T. Nilssen and L. Sorgard

No 16/2000: Transboundary environmental problems with a mobile population : is there a need for central policy
M. Hoel and P. Shapiro

No 15/2000: Labour market transitions and economic incentives
K. Roed and T. Zhang

No 14/2000: Private or public information in foreign exchange markets? : an empirical analysis
D. Rime

No 12/2000: The rate of capital retirement : how is it related to the form of the survival function and the investment growth path?
E. Bioern

No 11/2000: The Hartwick rule : myths and facts
G.B. Asheim and W. Buchholz

No 10/2000: Risk externalities in a payments oligopoly
T. Nilssen

No 8/2000: Deductive reasoning in extensive games
G.B. Asheim and M. Dufwenberg

No 7/2000: Admissibility and common belief
G.B. Asheim and M. Dufwenberg

No 6/2000: Demographic translation : from period to cohort perspective and back
N. Keilman

No 5/2000: Earnings assimilation of immigrants in Norway : a reappraisal
P. Longva and O. Raaum

No 2/2000: Married men and early retirement under the AFP scheme
O.J. Rogeberg

No 1/2000: Monetary regime and the co-ordination of wage setting
S. Holden

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
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