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No 30/2008: Good Modelling of Bad Outputs: Pollution and Multiple-Output Production
Finn R. Førsund

No 29/2008: Bush Meets Hotelling: Effects of Improved Renewable Energy Technology on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Michael Hotel

No 28/2008: Climate Change, Catastrophic Risk and the Relative Unimporartance of Discounting
Eric Nævdal and Jon Vislie

No 27/2008: Dynamic Analysis of Structural Change and Productivity Measurement
Finn R. Førsund and Lennart Hjalmarsson

No 26/2008: Self-serving Dictators
Geir B. Asheim, Leif Helland, Jon Hovi and Bjorn Hoyland

No 25/2008: The Long-Term Impacts of Vocational Rehabilitation
Lars Westlie

No 24/2008: Norwegian Vocational Rehabilitation Programs: Improving Employability and Preventing Disability?
Lars Westlie

No 23/2008: Pareto-Efficient Climate Agreements Can Always Be Renegotiation-Proof
Geir B. Asheim and Bjart Holtsmark

No 22/2008: The Impacts of Labor Market Policies on Job Search Behavior and Post-Unemployment Job Quality
Simen Gaure, Knut Røed and Lars Westlie

No 21/2008: Equity and Justice in Global Warming Policy
Snorre Kverndokk and Adam Rose

No 20/2008: Samfunnsøkonomen Schweigaard
Halvor Mehlum

No 19/2008: It Ain't Necessariy So
Dag S. Holen

No 18/2008: Pension Incentives, Labor Supply and Heterogeneous Pension Systems
Dag S. Holen

No 17/2008: Disabillity Pension Motivated Income Adjustment
Dag S. Holen

No 16/2008: Optimal Age- and Gear-specific Harvesting Policies for North-East Arctic Cod
Florian K. Diekert, Dag Ø. Hjermann, Eric Nævdal and Nils Chr. Stenseth

No 15/2008: I Don't Want to Hear About it: Rational Ignorance among Duty-Oriented Consumers
Karine Nyborg

No 14/2008: Pension Reforms in Norway: Evidence from a Structural Dynamic Model
Fedor Iskhakov

No 13/2008: Waiting to Merge
Eileen Fumagalli and Tore Nilssen

No 12/2008: Keeping Both Eyes Wide Open: The Life of a Competitive Authority among Sectoral Regulators
Pedro P. Barros, Steffen Hoernig and Tore Nilssen

No 11/2008: Generic Substitution
Kari Furu, Dag Morten Dalen, Marilena Locatelli and Steinar Strøm

No 10/2008: Linking Environmental and Innovation Policy
Reyer Gerlagh, Snorre Kverndokk and Knut Einar Rosendahl

No 9/2008: A Discrete-Choice Model Approach to Optimal Congestion Change
Steinar Strøm and Jon Vislie

No 8/2008: Nurses Wanted: Is the Job Too Hars or is the Wage Too Low
M. L. Di Tommaso, Steinar Strøm and Erik Magnus Sæther

No 7/2008: Existence of Optimal Nonanticipating Controls in Piecewise Deterministic Control Problems
Atle Seierstad

No 6/2008: King of the Hill: Positional Dynamics in Contests
Halvor Mehlum and Karl Moene

No 5/2008: Rotten Parents and Disciplined Children: A Politico-Economic Theory of Public Expenditure and Debt
Zheng Song, Kjetil Storesletten and Fabrizio Zilibotti

No 4/2008: Environmental Taxes in an Economy with Distorting Taxes and a Heterogeneous Population
Michael Hoel

No 3/2008: Dynamic Programming Model of Health and Retirement
Fedor Iskhakov

No 2/2008: Discontinuous control systems
Atle Seierstad and Sigve D. Stabrun

No 1/2008: Is electricity more important than natural gas? Partial liberalization of the Western-European energy markets
Kjell Arne Brekke, Rolf Golombek and Sverre Kittelsen

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