Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

Oslo University, Department of Economics

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No 27/2009: Capital Decay and Tax Distortions: How to Abandon Exponential Decay and Benefit from It
Erik Biørn

No 26/2009: Modelling Addiction in Life-Cycle Models: Revisiting the Treatment of Latent Stocks and Other Unobservables
Erik Biørn

No 25/2009: Labour Supply Response of a Retirement Earnings Test Reform
Erik Hernæs and Zhiyang Jia

No 24/2009: Money for Nothing? Universal Child Care and Maternal Employment
Tarjei Havnes and Magne Mogstad

No 23/2009: No Child Left Behind: Universal Child Care and Children's Long-Run Outcomes
Tarjei Havnes and Magne Mogstad

No 22/2009: Discrimination and Employment Protection
Steinar Holden and Åsa Rosén

No 21/2009: Strategic Use of Environmental Information
Geir B. Asheim

No 20/2009: The Effects of Sick-Leaves on Earnings
Simen Markussen

No 19/2009: Closing the Gates? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Physicians' Sickness Certification
Simen Markussen

No 18/2009: How Prevalent is Post-Decision Dissonance? Some Doubts and New Evidence
Steinar Holden

No 17/2009: Energy in a Bathtub: Electricity Trade between Countries with Different Generation Technologies
Finn R. Førsund

No 16/2009: Do Re-election Probabilities Influence Public Investment?
Jon H. Fiva and Gisle James Natvik

No 15/2009: Returms-to-scale Properties in DEA Models: The Fundamental Role of Interior Points
Vladimir Krivonozhko and Finn R. Førsund

No 14/2009: Productivity of Tax Offices in Norway
Finn R. Førsund, Dag Fjeld Edvardsen, Sverre A. C, Kittelsen and Frode Lindseth

No 13/2009: Moral Concerns on Tradable Pollution Permits in International Environmental Agreements
Johan Eyckmans and Snorre Kverndokk

No 12/2009: Marginal versus Average Beta of Equity under Corporate Taxation
Diderik Lund

No 11/2009: Price Volatility and Risk Exposure: on the Interaction of Quota and Product Markets
Fridrik M. Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr

No 10/2009: Choosing among Competing Blockbusters: Does the Identity of the Third-party Payer Matter for Prescribing Doctors?
Dag Morten Dalen, Enrico Sorisio and Steinar Strøm

No 9/2009: Towards an Actuarially Fair Pension System in Norway
Ugo Colombino, Erik Hernæs, Marilena Locatelli and Steinar Strøm

No 8/2009: Playing with the Good Guys: A Public Good Game with Endogenous Group Formation
Kjell Arne Brekke, Karen Evely Hauge, Jo Thori Lind and Karine Nyborg

No 7/2009: The Gate is Open: Primary Care Physicians as Social Security Gatekeepers
Benedicte Carlsen and Karine Nyborg

No 6/2009: The Premium for Organic Wines: Estimating a Hedonic Price Equation from the Producer Side
Corsi Alessandro and Steinar Strøm

No 5/2009: Opium for the Masses? Conflict-induced Narcotics Production in Afghanistan
Jo Thori Lind, Karl Ove Moene and Fredrik Willumsen

No 4/2009: Miserly Developments
Jo Thori Lind and Karl O. Moene

No 3/2009: Wage Rigidity, Institutions, and Inflation
Steinar Holden and Fredrik Wulfsberg

No 2/2009: Electricity Retailing in Norway
Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr and Petter Vegard Hansen

No 1/2009: Rent Taxation for Nonrenewable Resources
Diderik Lund

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