Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

Oslo University, Department of Economics


No 13/2017: Identification, Instruments, Omitted Variables, and Rudimentary Models: Fallacies in the ‘Experimental Approach’ to Econometrics
Erik Biørn

No 12/2017: Delegation of Regulation*
Tore Nilssen and Tapas Kundu

No 11/2017: Fiscal Consolidation Programs and Income Inequality*
Hans A. Holter, Pedro Brinca, Miguel H Ferreira, Francesco Franco and Laurence Malafry

No 10/2017: Algorithms for cautious reasoning in games*
Geir B. Asheim and Andrés Perea

No 9/2017: Pollution Meets Efficiency: Multi-equation modelling of generation of pollution and related efficiency measures*
Finn R Førsund

No 8/2017: Invariance Axioms and Functional Form Restrictions in Structural Models
John K Dagsvik

No 7/2017: Positive illusions and the temptation to borrow
Eva Kløve and Halvor Mehlum

No 6/2017: The Firm and the self-enforcing dynamics of crime and protection
Eva Kløve and Halvor Mehlum

No 5/2017: A polar confidence curve applied to Fieller’s ratios
Halvor Mehlum

No 4/2017: Revisiting, from a Frischian point of view, the relationship between elasticities of intratemporal and intertemporal substitution
Erik Biørn

No 3/2017: Resource Extraction and Uncertain Tipping Points
Jon Vislie

No 2/2017: Taxes and the Location of Targets
Wiji Arulampalam, Michael Devereux and Federica Liberini

No 1/2017: Identification and Method of Moments Estimation in Polynomial Measurement Error Models
Erik Biørn

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