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No 32/2012: Do Medical Doctors Respond to Economic Incentives?
Leif Andreassen, Maria Laura Di Tomasso and Steinar Strøm

No 31/2012: Is Universal Child Care Leveling the Playing Field?
Tarjei Havnes and Magne Mogstad

No 30/2012: Identifying Suspicious Efficient Units in DEA Models
Vladimir E. Krivonozhko, Finn R. Førsund and Andrey V. Lychev

No 29/2012: Measurement of Returns to Scale Using Non-Radial DEA Models
Vladimir E. Krivonozhko, Finn R. Førsund and Andrey V. Lychev

No 28/2012: Motivating over Time: Dynamic Win Effects in Sequential Contests
Derek J. Clark, Tore Nilssen and Jan Yngve Sand

No 27/2012: Panel Data Dynamics and Measurement Errors: GMM Bias, IV Validity and Model Fit – A Monte Carlo Study
Erik Biørn and Xuehui Han

No 26/2012: Faustmann and the Climate
Michael Hoel, Bjart Holtsmark and Katinka Holtsmark

No 25/2012: Implications of Insights from Behavioral Economics for Macroeconomic Models
Steinar Holden

No 24/2012: Resource Depletion and Capital Accumulation under Catastrophic Risk: The Role of Stochastic Thresholds and Stock Pollution
Erik Nævdal and Jon Vislie

No 23/2012: Escaping the Repugnant Conclusion: Rank-discounted Utilitarianism with Variable Population
Geir B. Asheim and Stephane Zuber

No 22/2012: Estimating SUR Systems with Random Coefficients: The Unbalanced Panel Data Case
Erik Biørn

No 21/2012: Ragnar Frisch’s Axiomatic Approach to Econometrics
Olav Bjerkholt

No 20/2012: Panel Data Evidence on the Role of Institutions and Shocks for Unemployment Dynamics and Equilibrium
Ragnar Nymoen and Victoria Sparrman

No 19/2012: Does Retirement Age Impact Mortality?
Erik Hernaes, Simen Markussen, John Piggott and Ola Vestad

No 18/2012: Økonomi og økonomer i UiOs historie: Fra Knut Wicksells dissens i 1910 til framstøtet mot Thorstein Veblen I 1920
Olav Bjerkholt

No 17/2012: Behavioral Multistate Duration Models: What should they look like ?
John K. Dagsvik

No 16/2012: Cooperation Is Relative: Income and Framing Effects with Public Goods
Kjell Arne Brekke, James Konow and Karine Nyborg

No 15/2012: Phasing in Large-scale Expansion of Wind-Power in the Nordic-Countries
Finn R. Førsund

No 14/2012: The Link between International Remittances and Private Interhousehold Transfers
Berhe Mekonnen Beyene

No 13/2012: The Effects of International Remittances on Poverty and Inequality in Ethiopia
Berhe Mekonnen Beyene

No 12/2012: Økonomi og økonomer i UiOs historie: Professorkonkurransen 1876-77
Olav Bjerkholt

No 11/2012: An Econometric Market Model of Capital and Investment Inspired by Haavelmo
Erik Biørn

No 10/2012: Entrepreneurial School Dropouts: A Model on Signalling, Education and Entrepreneurship
Jens Fredrik Baumgarten Skogstrøm

No 9/2012: Measuring Efficiency in the Public Sector
Finn R. Førsund

No 8/2012: Characterizing the Sustainability Problem in an Exhaustible Resource Model
Mitra Tapan, Geir B. Asheim, Wolfgang Buchholz and Cees Withagen

No 7/2012: Efficiency and Productivity in the Operational Units of the Armed Forces
Hanson Torbjørn

No 6/2012: The Relevance of Haavelmo’s Macroeconomic Theorizing for Contemporary Policy Making
Sheetal K. Chand

No 5/2012: In the Shadow of the Labour Market
Tone Ogndal

No 4/2012: Second-best Climate Policy
Michael Hoel

No 3/2012: Macroeconomic Shocks and the Probability of Being Employed
Tom Kornstad, Ragnar Nymoen and Terje Skjerpen

No 2/2012: The Measurement Error Problem in Dynamic Panel Data Analysis: Modeling and GMM Estimation
Erik Biørn

No 1/2012: Earning Distribution and Labour Supply after a Retirement Earnings Test Reform
Erik Hernæs and Zhiyang Jia

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