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No 36/2001: The neighbourhood is not what it used to be : has there been equalisation of opportunity across families and communities in Norway
O. Raaum, K.G. Salvanes and E.O. Sorensen

No 35/2001: International Benchmarking of Electricity Distribution Utilities
Finn R Førsund and Dag F. Edvardsen

No 34/2001: The Compensation Mechanism in the RAINS Model: The Norwegian Targets for Acidification
Finn R Førsund and Ove Wolfgang

No 33/2001: Labour Supply Effects of an Early Retirement Programme
Christian Brinch, Erik Hernæs and Steinar Strøm

No 32/2001: Should the standard of evidence be lowered to reduce crime?
T. Ognedal

No 31/2001: Public- and private-good values of statistical lives : results from a combined choice-experiment and contingent-valuation survey

No 30/2001: Cost-effective abatement of ground-level ozone in cities and for larger regions : implications of non-monotonicity
O. Wolfgang

No 29/2001: The Spanish influenza among Norwegian ethnic minorities : 1918-1919
S.-E. Mamelund

No 28/2001: The efficiency of panel data estimators : GLS versus estimators which do not depend on variance components
E. Bioern

No 27/2001: Employment behaviour in slack and tight labour markets
Q.F. Akram and R. Nymoen

No 26/2001: Climate policies and induced technological change : which to choose the carrot or the stick?
S. Kverndokk, K.E. Rosendahl and T.F. Rutherford

No 25/2001: Tracing Haavelmo's steps from confluence analysis to the probability approach
O. Bjerkholt

No 24/2001: Errors in survey based quality evaluation variables in efficiency models of primary care physicians
G.G. Kjoeserud, O.J. Kvamme and S.A.C. Kittelsen

No 23/2001: Eco-Correlation in Acidification Scenarios
Ove Wolfgang

No 22/2001: The high fertility of college educated women in Norway : an artefact of the 'piecemeal approach'
O. Kravdal

No 21/2001: On the economics of the optimal fallow-cultivation cycle
Y. Willassen

No 20/2001: Allocating greenhouse gas emissions among countries with mobile populations
M. Hoel

No 19/2001: Who are the advertisers?
T. Nilssen and L. Sorgard

No 18/2001: The TV industry : advertising and programming
T. Nilssen and L. Sorgard

No 17/2001: Domestic inefficiencies caused by transboundary pollution problems when there is no international coordination of environmental policies
M. Hoel

No 16/2001: Monetary policy and nominal rigidities under low inflation
S. Holden

No 15/2001: Poverty alleviation as a central objective of developing country macroeconomic policy
S.K. Chand

No 14/2001: Liberalising the energy markets of Western Europe : a computable equilibrium model approach
F.R. Aune, R. Golombek, S.A.C. Kittelsen and ...

No 13/2001: Taxation, uncertainty, and the cost of equity for a multinational firm
D. Lund

No 12/2001: Temporary layoffs and the duration of unemployment
K. Roed and M. Nordberg

No 11/2001: Wage coordination and unemployment dynamics in Norway and Sweden
B.B. Barkbu, R. Nymoen and K. Roed

No 10/2001: Does price stability exacerbate labour market rigidities in the EMU?
S. Holden

No 9/2001: A note on inflation persistence
S. Holden and J.C. Driscoll

No 8/2001: Estimating addicts' price response of heroin : a panel data approach based on a re-interviewed sample
A.L. Bretteville-Jensen and E. Biorn

No 7/2001: Environmental regulation, asymmetric information and foreign ownership
J. Vislie

No 6/2001: How is generalized least squares related to within and between estimators in unbalanced panel data?
E. Biorn

No 4/2001: Out-migration of immigrants : implications for assimilation analysis
Pal Longva

No 3/2001: The importance of education for fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa is substantially underestimated when community effects are ignored
O. Kravdal

No 2/2001: Does NNP growth indicate welfare improvement?
G.B. Asheim and M.L. Weitzman

No 1/2001: Confidence and likelihood
T. Schweder and N.L. Hjort

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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