Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

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No 31/1998: Measuring Structural Unemployment: Is there a Rough and Ready Answer?.`
S. Holden and R. Nymoen

No 30/1998: The et Interview: Professor Olav Reiersol.
Y. Willassen

No 29/1998: The Importance of Women's Education and Status for Fertility in Tanzania in the 1990s.
O. Kravdal

No 28/1998: Equivalence Scales and Intra-Household Distribution.
H. Bojer

No 27/1998: Wage and Employment Effects of Payroll Taxes and Investment Subsidies.
F. Johansen and T.J. Klette

No 26/1998: Measures to Improve Wage Formation in Sweden.
S. Holden and K.O. Moene

No 25/1998: Inequality and Redistribution.
K.O. Moene and M. Wallerstein

No 24/1998: Do Higher Wages Reflect Higher Productivity? Education, Gender and Experience Premiums in a Matched Plant-Worker Data Set.
T. Haegeland and T.J. Klette

No 23/1998: Empirical Patterns of Firm Growth and R&D Investment: a Quality Ladder Model Interpretation.
T.J. Klette and Z. Griliches

No 22/1998: Bargaining Versus Efficiency Wages in a Dynamic Labor Market: A Synthesis
J. Strand

No 21/1998: Water Pricing in Honduras: A Political Economy Analysis
J. Strand

No 20/1998: Rent Taxation when Cost Tranfers are Possible, but Costly
H.E. Halvorsen and D. Lund

No 15/1998: Market Power, Scale Economies and Productivity: Estimates from a Panel of Establishment Data
T.J. Klette

No 14/1998: Wage Bargaining and Turnover Costs with Heterogeneous Labour: The No-screening Case
J. Strand

No 13/1998: Regulation and Wage Bargaining
D.M. Dalen, N.-H.M. von der Fehr and E.R. Moen

No 12/1998: Business Cycles and Fiscal Policy in an Open Economy
T.M. Andersen and S. Holden

No 11/1998: On the Structure of Behavioral Multistate Duration Models
J.K. Dagsvik

No 10/1998: Ragnar Frisch: An Annotated Bibliography
K.N. Edvardsen

No 9/1998: Prices vs Quantities: The Irrelevance of Irreversibility
F.M. Baldursson and N.-H. M. von der Fehr

No 8/1998: Green National Accounting: Why and How?
G.B. Asheim

No 7/1998: Option Values in Sequential Markets
N.-H. M. von der Fehr and C. Riis

No 6/1998: Deriving Bounds on the Structural Vector when the Measurement Errors are Correlated: An Elaboration of the Frisch/Reiersol Approach
Y. Willasen

No 5/1998: Competition in Electricity Spot Markets. Economic Theory and International Experience.
N.-H. von der Fehr and D. Harbord

No 4/1998: Wage Drift and the Relevance of Centralised Wage Setting
S. Holden

No 3/1998: Social Inequalities in Cancer Survival
O. Kravdal

No 2/1998: Unemployment and Relative Earnings of Immigrants
P. Longva and O. Raaum

No 1/1998: Error-correction versus Differencing in Macroeconomic Forecasting
O. Eitrheim, T.A. Husebo and R. Nymoen

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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