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No 27/2011: Polarization, Risk and Welfare in General Equilibrium
Jørgen Heibø Modalsli

No 26/2011: Knowledge is Power: A Theory of Information, Income, and Welfare Spending
Jo Thori Lind and Dominic Rhoner

No 25/2011: The Market for Fake Observations
Kjellr Arne Brekke and Tore Nilsen

No 24/2011: Determinants of Internal and International Migration in Ethiopia
Berhe Mekonnen Beyene

No 23/2011: Interpreting the evidence for New Keynesian models of inflation dynamics
Ragnar Nymoen, Anders Rygh Swensen and Eivind Tveter

No 22/2011: From Macro Growth to Disaggregated Production Studies
Finn R. Førsund and Jon Vislie

No 21/2011: Solow meets Marx: Economic growth and the emergence of social class
Jørgen Heibø Modalsli

No 20/2011: On free lunches in random walk markets with short-sale constraints and small transaction costs, and weak convergence to Gaussian continuous-time processes
Nils Chr. Framstad

No 19/2011: Pareto improvements of Nash equilibria in differential games
Atle Seierstad

No 18/2011: Models of Truncation, Sample Selection, and Limited Dependent Variables: Suggestions for a Common Language
Erik Biørn and Knut R. Wangen

No 17/2011: Do Government Purchases Affect Unemployment?
Steinar Holden and Victoria Sparrman

No 16/2011: Who pays for occupational pensions?
Ola Lotherington Vestad

No 15/2011: Incentives for environmental R&D
Mads Greaker and Michael Hoel

No 14/2011: Mineral Rents and Social Development in Norway
Halvor Mehlum, Karl Moene and Ragnar Torvik

No 13/2011: Self-reinforcing effects between housing prices and credit: Evidence from Norway
André K. Anundsen and Eilev S. Jansen

No 12/2011: Portfolio Separation with -symmetric and Psuedo-isotropic Distributions
Nils Chr. Framstad

No 11/2011: Inequality and growth in the very long run: inferring inequality from data on social groups
Jørgen Modalsli

No 10/2011: Credit conditions indices: Controlling for regime shifts in the Norwegian credit market
Eilev S. Jansen and Tord S.H. Krogh

No 9/2011: Are nurses more altruistic than real estate brokers?
Karin Jacobsen, Kari H. Eika, Leif Helland, Jo Thori Lind and Karine Nyborg

No 8/2011: The supply side of CO2 with country heterogeneity
Michael Hoel

No 7/2011: Quitting behaviour of cigarette smokers. Are there direct effects of a screening program?
Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen, Erik Biørn and Randi Selmer

No 6/2011: Near and Generous? Gift Propensity and Chosen Emotional Distance
Kari H. Eika

No 5/2011: Weight Restrictions in DEA:Misplaced Emphasis?
Finn R. Førsund

No 4/2011: Terminal units in DEA: Definition and Determination
Vladimir Krivonozhko, Finn R. Førsund and Andrey V. Lychev

No 3/2011: Overdeterminacy and endogenous cycles: Trygve Haavelmo’s business cycle model and its implications for monetary policy
André Kallåk Anundsen, Tord Sigurd Holmsen Krogh, Ragnar Nymoen and Jon Vislie

No 2/2011: Portfolio Separation Properties of the Skew-Elliptical Distributions
Nils Christian Framstad

No 1/2011: Is corporate social responsibility associated with lower wages?
Karine Nyborg and Tao Zhang

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