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No 2020:9: Cancer i Sverige – Hur mycket beror på påverkbara riskfaktorer?
Adam Fridhammar, Thomas Hofmarcher and Sofie Persson

No 2020:8: Disease burden associated with Covid-19 in Sweden – QALYs lost due to excess mortality
Ulf Persson, Sara Olofsson and George Keel

No 2020:7: Quality-of-Life in the Swedish general population during Covid-19 – based on measurement pre- and post pandemic outbreak
Ulf Persson and Sara Olofsson

No 2020:6: The Cost of Cancers of the Digestive System in Europe
Thomas Hofmarcher and Peter Lindgren

No 2020:5: Hälsoekonomisk analys av riktad screening för lungcancer av rökande och före detta rökande kvinnor i Region Stockholm
Adam Fridhammar and Katarina Steen Carlsson

No 2020:4: Produktionsbortfall – en metodologisk genomgång och beräkningar
Sara Olofsson and Frida Hjalte

No 2020:3: Opportunities and challenges of an innovative payment model for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products in Sweden -A hypothetical example in the treatment of β-thalassemia
Ulf Persson and Jenny Norlin

No 2020:2: Patient pathways in the treatment of opioid drug dependency – A register-based real world analysis using regional healthcare registers
Sofia Löfvendahl and Katarina Steen Carlsson

No 2020:1: Samhällets kostnader för spelproblem i Sverige
Thomas Hofmarcher and Ulf Persson

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
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